What is a North Star and why the hell are you reading about it? Good question. A North Star is a brand’s ‘why’. The brand’s motivation, that sums up why all of us at Patricks have been grinding for these last thirteen years. It’s not what we sell, but why we sell it. As Elon Musk once said when he wasn’t launching rockets or making flamethrowers ‘putting in long hours for a corporation is hard, putting in long hours for a cause is easy’.

Owning an award-winning barber shop for many years that focused on offering an exceptionally high-quality service, we were disappointed by the range of products available at the time and thought ‘we can do better than this’.

It wasn’t easy. With an uncompromising commitment to scientific innovation and quality, we spent 7 years working with the best chemists and labs in the world, testing the formulas on our customers until they were perfect.


Our Test Pilot program spans from Sweden to Melbourne. It has been going for 7 years and has seen us make and break over 500 new formulas, for the better. These are the guys (and girls) who have made us push our stuff harder. Unpaid. Relentless. Fussy f*ckers who help make us what we are.

They're not influencers. They're real customers plus guys we've met on our travels who go after it. We give them our new formulas first. Then we make real and often expensive changes based on their feedback.

They are hard to please, but we want to hear exactly what they think. No holds barred. It’s this honest feedback that’s helped us create the best products in men’s grooming. We’ll fine and refine until we’ve got it perfect. It’s a long process that’s cost us millions. But what we’ve gained is products that guys love, that actually work, and that solve the problems they’ve been having.