Here’s some more cool shit to listen to, read, watch, drink, wear and do while you’re in isolation! I'm not going to get into the politics or effects of what's happening at the moment, I'm sure your inbox and social media feeds are full of it so I'll try to keep this positive!
I'm a wanna-be rock star and spending all this time on my own in the office has given me a chance to have the volume up and really get into some epic albums! I have recommended two completely different albums below but I love them both for different reasons, if you haven't heard them you're in for a treat and if you have maybe give them another spin. Got some other useful and cool shit below too, I think so anyway ha!
I have this on repeat in the car and in the office at home at the moment!
I only really got into Mac Miller after he died, there was so much love out there for him when it happened that I ended up listening to all of his music and even watched a bunch of documentaries on the kid! His sound is so unique and the lyrics are sometimes super funny, but also brilliant and sad all at the same time! I'm hoping this album (his last, released after his death) will have the same effect on you as it did for me. Swimming is also one of my favourite albums ever, might be good to start with that. RIP Mac Miller
Apple Music Review - Before he died of an accidental drug overdose in September 2018 at age 26, Miller put out the two most complete albums of his career: The Divine Feminine, an ornate jazz-rap record, and Swimming, a profoundly bittersweet portrayal of his attempts to come to terms with depression and heartbreak. Swimming is slow-paced but hardly a slog; it is buoyed by infectious grooves spanning rap, funk, and trip-hop, as well as Miller’s surprising emotional clarity and depth. “Okay, you gotta jump in to swim / Well, the light was dim in this life of sin,” he sings on the song “2009” with the faintest twinkle in his eye. On Swimming, despair and hope fire alternately like velvet-coated pistons. The same dynamic animates Circles, companion album to Swimming and Mac Miller’s first posthumous release.
If you're not already doing Wim Hof then get after it, it seriously changed my life both mentally and physically! It's not some wild cult shit, it's just breathing and I feel like we have all forgotten how to do it and enjoy it! It's like a viking is teaching you buddhism, thank you internet! I'm now high on my own supply...
I joke and fu<k around a lot but I do this everyday if I can and have done for about 6 months! One of my best mates was staying with me for a few days and I busted him doing this weird breathing thing on the couch, I was looking for a belt around his neck because I thought we was doing some Michael Hutchence style jerking-off, but as it turned out he was doing the Wim Hof breathing technique! I was like, 'WTF are you doing man?' He showed me the App and gave me a bit of a run down on the technique and explained all the benefits and all the crew that were doing it already including the All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Team), Laird Hamilton and heaps more! I started doing it the next day and haven't stopped. The 'Ice Bath' thing is fucking awesome too, I highly recommend doing it. You feel like a super hero when you come out! It's terrible for the penis but the rewards are worth it. I have linked the video tutorial with Wim himself, just click the image above. 
Technique - While sitting in a comfortable place, take 30 quick, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then, take a deep breath and exhale; hold until you need to breathe in. Inhale again, as deep as you can, and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat as many times as you like, it's that easy.
In the wise words of Wim, BREATH MUTHERFUCKERS!

I own a Hedi Slimane era Saint Laurent leather biker jacket; a proper 'grail' and I’ll be honest in saying I’ve neglected it a bit over the years! That said, this how-to guide slid into my inbox last week via the kings of pre-loved designer goods, Grailed, and with the extra time not being on planes all the time, I thought I’d give it a go. I've always been too scared to take it to a dry cleaner or clean it myself in case one of us fucked the leather doing it wrong, but as it turns out it's not that complicated and kind of cathartic.
1. The First Towel - Dampen a soft washcloth (preferably micro-fiber) with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Make sure the cloth is damp, not wet. Leather is porous, and any extraneous liquid may seep in, leading to additional stains. Note: considering using vinegar as opposed to dish soap for a less harmful (if effective) alternative.
2. Scrub It Down - Apply the damp washcloth to the affected area. Scrub diligently—however not too firmly to avoid seepage—until the stain/dirt/dust disappears. 
3. The Second Towel - Once the jacket has been scrubbed, dampen a second cloth, this time just in warm water. 
4. Scrub, Rinse, Repeat - Repeat Step 2, with the second cloth with only warm water. 
5. Let It Breathe: Once the jacket has been thoroughly wiped down, let dry for at least 24 hours. If the jacket was severely stained and considerable cleaning liquid was applied, conditioning is mandatory.

1. Spot Clean First - Before moisturizing your leather, spot cleaning is essential. Once your jacket is properly cleaned and dried, you can begin moisturising. 
2. Test Your Moisturiser - This is essential, particularly if you are using a brand new product or have never used said product on this particular leather jacket. Moisturises can cause discoloration and significantly alter leather’s texture and handful, so before you commit make sure you are aware of the consequences. Rub in a small dab to an imperceptible part of the jacket—the backside of the collar or inside the cuff, for instance—and then remove with a soft cloth. Let the jacket sit for 24 hours and then check for results. If there is no discoloration, you’re good to go. If there is, a different product is in order. 
3. Apply - Once you have tested your moisturizer and are satisfied, you are ready to apply. Thoughtfully spread the leather conditioner across the surface of the jacket, making sure to rub in diligently. Remember to not be too liberal with the cream, as once again leather is porous and will absorb as much of the conditioner as it can, potentially harming the skin. Once you adequately applied the product, run a soft washcloth over the leather to polish and pick up any extraneous cream. Lastly, let sit for 24 hours. 
Note: Repeat process every six to 12 months, or whenever leather begins to feel dull. Testing is only necessary when using a new product or leather/product combination for the first time. Hopefully I'll be buried in mine.

I just got the old MacBook a month ago and then of course this beast comes out this week! Yes, I tried saying to the Apple Business Team that I asked the guy in the store if there was a new model coming anytime soon because I was happy to wait a few months, but got nothing and nowhere but worth a shot haha!
I won't bore you with the tech specs but the thing is awesome, super lite, longer battery life, new keyboard, better sound, greener, the resolution is insane and have a look at it, it's beautiful! I'd highly recommend it for anyone that travels frequently or is in lockdown and needs to work from home.

 I've watched this twice already. I found it really motivational and I had no idea Kevin Hart was such a hustler; the guy doesn't stop! I've always loved a peek into other people's lives especially someone who seems to have it all and keeps almost fucking it up, hence the title. His taste in cars and fashion are right up my alley too. 
His stand up Netflix Specials are awesome and this is no exception! 
A classic morning drink!
This maybe sacrilegious and we'll probably get a few unsubscribes for this but I love an Old Fashioned with a dark spiced rum instead of bourbon or whiskey; each to their own right and I'm sure we could all do with a drink this week.
Old Fashioned Ingredients:
2 tsp simple syrup
1 tsp water
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash Amargo Chuncho bitters
1 cup ice cubes
40ml Kraken Black Spiced Rum
1 slice orange peel
Method - Pour the simple syrup, water, and bitters into a tumbler. Stir to combine, then place the ice cubes in the glass. Pour Rum over the ice, squeeze the orange peel over the top of the drink and rim the glass with the peel then use said peel as the garnish. 
Hold the cherry, I've been fruit free since '83

The Black Angels are an American psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas. The Texan rockers will take you on a searing trip that requires no drugs and the only side effect is addiction...
I first heard this album while tearing down the 101 highway in Malibu in a 2011 BMW M3 (the last naturally aspirated V8 mentioned in my buy it before it's worth $500k post) en route to Mulholland Drive via the Hollywood Hills for some death defying midnight driving, basically couldn't have a better soundtrack! Even their name is cool, it's derived from the Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song".
'Sniper at the gates' what a track, for optimal listening I recommend drinking 1 bottle of good red wine and the album to be played on vinyl.
The purists are going to hate this but people have been customising cars, clothing and architecture for forever so why not watches! If you have the cash and you want something that no one else has then Mad Paris are going to have your back. You don't send them a watch, they source one for you and customise every detail you could wish for. This custom Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 is crafted in Switzerland from black DLC steel with a matte finish. This re-imagined timepiece features a mechanical automatic movement, black coated bezel, adjustable black chain strap with a folding buckle, hand-washed sealing, illuminated index hands and a sapphire back case. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty from Mad Paris and is only $519,015.00 AUD and you get free shipping. Not sure how they do it so cheap!

Founded by my good friend Steve Shaw, Treats is a fine art publication featuring the world’s most beautiful women and shot by the world’s best photographers. My copies sit on our coffee table at home and in the office, and they're always the first thing men and women alike pick up and admire! With their raison d'etre to elevate nudity to fine art, they pride themselves on creating the most sophisticated, high quality images to run in their print magazine; they also have a solid online presence too! They take very little advertising in print, as to not to disrupt your viewing pleasure and as such, appreciate your patronage - so go and subscribe! This goes to help support what they do and allows them to continue to create amazing and iconic photoshoots.

One of my favourite humans and an epic read if you want a glimpse into the fast paced lifestyle of a professional athlete with a no bullshit personality and a hardcore work ethic to match! His Instagram war on people misusing the bike lanes in NYC is awesome too, the guy doesn't give a fuck who they are and tears them apart, without violence! He's also one of my style icons and a movie star as well.
 Voted one of Sports Illustrated's Best Sports Books of 2017, the controversial hockey star Sean Avery's no-holds-barred memoir of high living and bad behaviour in the NHL—coupled with the behind-the-scenes glitter of celebrity and media nightlife in New York and LA. Sean is also part of the Mr Porter Style Council and of course, uses our products. Sean also has a podcast now too, check it out, it's called No F*cks Given with Sean Avery.
We're still open for business as usual and not to cause panic buying but it might be a good time to get an order in if you're going to be holed up for a few weeks. All of our logistics and delivery partners are still operating because they are considered essential services.
Thanks for reading and supporting the brand, super appreciated. Stay safe, keep an eye on your friends and family and please follow the WHO instructions, we all have to do our best to flatten the curve.

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